Community fundraisers are a great way to help AIDS Care Ocean State while having fun at the same time! They can be any project, activity or event that you and your friends, family, coworkers and/or organization would like to organize to help raise much-needed funds for our vital work.

Friends and supporters just like you have held all kinds of fundraisers and donated the proceeds to AIDS Care Ocean State.

If you have a fundraising idea, let us know about it!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get approval?

Simply send an email to and let us know what you are planning. Be as specific as possible with date and venue information, as well as marketing strategies, budget and fundraising goals—the more we know, the more we might be able to help you.

Are there restrictions on fundraisers?

Your fundraiser should align with the mission of AIDS Care Ocean State. If we have concerns about your event or potential sponsors, we will reach out to you to discuss potential issues.

How should I market my fundraiser?

AIDS Care Ocean State should be identified as the beneficiary of your fundraiser, and not as the party conducting it. To avoid confusion, we request that your title does NOT contain “AIDS Care Ocean State” or “ACOS.” (For example: “HALLOWEEN 5K FUN RUN TO SUPPORT AIDS CARE OCEAN STATE,” is ok but “AIDS CARE OCEAN STATE’S COLUMBUS DAY YARD SALE” might give people the impression that we are organizing and hosting the event, and therefore shouldn’t be used.)

Can I use AIDS Care Ocean State’s logo?

Community fundraisers may be allowed to use our “Benefitting AIDS Care Ocean State” logo based on your fundraising goals and fundraising history with the agency. Whenever you use this logo or the name of our agency, your final piece (flyer, etc.) needs to be approved by the development staff. Any approved event is allowed to use the phrase “Benefiting AIDS Care Ocean State” in type in all materials.

Will AIDS Care Ocean State help me promote my event?

AIDS Care Ocean State may help market your event to our donors and supporters on a case-by-case basis.

Can someone from AIDS Care Ocean State attend and/or speak at my fundraiser?

Although we wish we could be at all events, our staff and board are only able to attend events on a case-by-case basis.

Are there any guidelines around sponsorship and in-kind donations?

To avoid duplicate solicitations, we ask that you notify us before asking a business or company for a donation, cash or in-kind.

Does AIDS Care Ocean State provide event insurance or licenses?

The event organizers are responsible for obtaining any permits, insurance and licenses needed for any aspect of the event.

What we are able to provide:

Once we receive information on your fundraiser, we can:

What we are unable to provide:

Can I post information about my fundraiser on social media?

Yes, it’s a great way to promote your fundraiser and spread the word! Because we are simply the beneficiary of the event, we ask that you not Tag AIDS Care Ocean State as a cohost or organizer of your event on social media.

Will AIDS Care Ocean State issue tax receipts to my donors?

We will issue IRS-compliant tax receipts to the full extent of the law, but only if the donation is made payable directly to AIDS Care Ocean State.

Will AIDS Care Ocean State reimburse me for expenses I’ve incurred?

You’re responsible for covering all expenses for your fundraiser and will not be reimbursed by AIDS Care Ocean State. If you are paying for expenses, please deduct these from the funds raised prior to sending your donation check.

Where do I send proceeds?

All proceeds need to be made payable to AIDS Care Ocean State and mailed to us within 45 days of completing your fundraiser.

And a big THANK YOU for believing in our mission enough to help us raise money to provide for our clients.