Executive Director, Operations

Gina Mercure is AIDS Care Ocean State's Executive Director and has worked tirelessly with the agency for over 30 years. She started as the Office Manager in 1992 and grew into her role as the Chief Operating Officer for many years. When the agency’s founder retired in 2016, Gina carried on his legacy, providing leadership, direction, continuity and growth. She has seen the face of HIV change tremendously from the 1980s when the fear and stigma surrounding HIV affected so many lives and is proud to have been part of the journey to where we are today.

Gina lives in North Providence and loves her family, dachshunds and her trips to Aruba!

“I am so proud of what AIDS Care Ocean State has accomplished over the past 30 years, thrilled to have been part of the evolution of education, treatment and increased longevity for those living with HIV, and can’t wait to see what happens next.”Gina Mercure

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