Unleash the Power of Knowing your Status!

June 27 is National HIV Testing Day, and ACOS invites EVERYONE to come by and take a quick, confidential and free HIV test. While great strides have been made in the treatment of HIV, getting tested is the most important part to living a long, healthy life, regardless of your status.

Join us at the parking lot of our BroadMed facility (located at 557 Broad Street Providence, RI 02907) on Saturday, June 27th from 10 am to 6 pm! No appointment is necessary, but we ask everyone to wear a mask and be prepared to practice social distancing.


The Girls are Back! 

Virtual Drag Night with LaDiva and Haley 


Dog Days of Summer Pet Spectacular Bingo!

8:00 pm to 9:30 pm

Get your critters ready as AIDS Care Ocean State salutes our furry, feathered, and scaly friends!

Join us as we present our second ever Virtual Drag Night with LaDiva and Haley, our fantastic Drag Hostesses!

We'll play a few rounds of bingo as LaDiva and Haley share some stories, jokes, and gags as we make it through the hottest days of the year.

Please note: This show is only for those 18 and older.

So join AIDS Care Ocean State on Thursday, July 16th from 8:00 pm to about 9:30 pm as we play some bingo and have a good time.

Please note, we will also stream the event on Facebook Live!

Plus, some lucky participants might even get some surprises at the end of the night!

Please, donate $20 to be a part of this event.

(Donations are ALWAYS encouraged to help us make up for the severe funding gap created by postponing our Drag Bingo Season 23.)

You'll receive a confirmation email within two business days. Then save the date and sign in on July 16th! Every seat is a good one-because they're all in your own home!

Streaming on Facebook live on July 16th at 8:00 pm! 


SAVE THE DATE: Thursday, July 16 at 8:00 pm! 


How to Join Virtual Drag Night

  1. Visit Aidscareos.org/get-involved/donate to make a donation and let us know you’d like to join. (Make sure you download a calendar reminder!) You will receive a confirmation email with the log on ID for Zoom, where we will host the event. 
  2. On the night of the event, sign into Zoom. (By default, your camera will be turned on but your microphone will be muted.) 
  3. Enjoy the show! 


If you wish to play bingo along with LaDiva and Haley, please follow these additional instructions: 

We suggest you use a separate electronic device to play along. If you wish to print your bingo cards, click here for instructions. 

  1. Go to https://app.bingomaker.com/play to get your bingo card. (Bingo cards will not be available until 6:45 pm on the night of the event.)
  2. In the “search a game” field, type in ACOS. The password will be in your confirmation email. 
  3. Your bingo card is interactive. You will digitally mark your card by clicking in the box. If a number has not been called, you will not be able to mark it. Your bingo card will also have a list of all previously called numbers in case you miss one. If you get bingo, use the “Raise hand” feature on Zoom. 
  4. You will not need a new bingo card for each game. Your bingo card will be automatically reset after winners are verified.


Instructions for Printing Bingo Cards


  1. If you would like to print your bingo cards, sign on to https://app.bingomaker.com/play from a computer with a connected printer.
  2. Follow instructions 1 and 2 above. 
  3. When your bingo card is displayed, simply right-click and choose to print. As we are playing multiple games, so print at least six bingo cards. If you get bingo, use the “Raise hand” feature on Zoom.

We want to send a big THANK YOU to all our friends who contributed to our COVID-19 Action Appeal!

Donate to the COVID-19 Action Fund here.

We need your help NOW! Your donations are crucial in keeping full services available. Our clients are most at risk due to poverty, illness and homelessness. Our Appeal and events are the only funding avenues that generate unrestricted funding to help keep ACOS operational.

Your support will help us continue providing emergency access to food and essentials for over 500 clients, their families and children who are struggling with HIV and other associated illnesses during the COVID-19 Health Crisis.

Click here to donate! Every dollar we raise helps us provide important, life-saving work.

How has ACOS responded to COVID-19?

Keeping our clients safe and healthy is our number-one priority. To achieve this, ACOS has:

  • Moved all group and individual therapy to phone and video streaming

  • Relocated services to other properties to maintain social distancing

  • Established safety protocols for all office and housing location

  • Provided enhanced access to the Emergency Financial Assistance

For more information on AIDS Care Ocean State and the work we do, visit www.aidscareos.org.

For more information on making donations, please contact chrisc@aidscareos.org.

We thank you on behalf of our clients.

Stay safe and healthy.